KooIoT data collection cloud (ThingsCloud)

ThingsCloud makes managment and maintence to been easily

KooIoT data collection cloud (ThingsCloud)


It is well-known that Machine Data Collection generates substantial value to an organization through increased productivity and quality; but many still struggle with how and where to start. What data is important, and will your chosen cloud platform scale to support future needs?

Although the popular ThingsLink IoT Gateway supports data collection for a number of cloud platforms, such as Amazon and Azure, many organizations find selecting their cloud platform to be a complex task.

With the ThingsCloud, we have made the choice easy.

End-To-End data collection

The DCC is a true turnkey component of KooIoT Remote Maintenance, specifically designed to address the typical data collection needs of Machine Builders and Manufacturers. DCC is tightly integrated with the remote access components ThingsLink and ThingsCloud, ensuring you a solution that works end-to-end.

  • Role–based management
  • Intuitive dashboard builder
  • Central ThingsLink data collection config management

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