Work remotely ✍️

Correct failures without time-consuming on-site visits

Work remotely ✍️

Time-consuming on-site visits?

The Industrial Remote Access connects you to machines and equipment to view and control interfaces, troubleshoot equipment and install updates. With remote access, your machines are accessible from anywhere in the world and you can remotely perform corrective maintenance without costly, time-consuming on-site visits. Our remote access has been set up with security as a top priority and is the world’s first security-certified remote access solution. It is scalable and easy to deploy, also for non IT-skilled users.

  • Troubleshooting
  • Reprogramming
  • Remote control

Prevent unplanned downtime and increase overall efficiency with data

Collect data from machines with the SiteManager IoT Gateway to make your preventive maintenance process smarter. Evaluate daily operational metrics and prevent downtime before it happens. Our Data Collection Cloud (DCC) gives you the ability to organize and visualize real-time data on dashboards for a complete overview of equipment health and status. Extend the life of assets, increase overall efficiency and ensure uninterrupted productivity.

  • Operation monitoring
  • Operator assistance
  • Error handling

Utilize machine data to predict failures and optimize performance

Utilize historical operational data from your machines and installations to increase uptime by optimizing machine performance and predict issues before they occur. Retrieve machine data with our SiteManager IoT Gateway and use the Data Collection Cloud (DCC) to make that data useful to you and your team with intuitive analysis tools. DCC enhances your focus on OEE by visualizing production batch data in customizable dashboards to compare data from all devices, diagnose downtime and boost productivity and business intelligence.

  • Efficiency tracking
  • Machine learning
  • Error prevention